How to Stay Cool As a Cucumber When Sleeping

Sometimes during summer nights, it’s difficult to fall asleep when the heat waves are getting to you. And if you can’t sleep in time, the frustration grows more as the clock keeps ticking, taking away valuable sleep time from your schedule.

But not to worry, we'll help you by giving you some ideas on how to stay cool when sleeping. Hopefully, by using these tips, you'll be able to sleep soundly without any issues for the entire night and get your 8 hours of sleep. Click To Tweet

Tips on How to Stay Cool When Sleeping

No need to toss and turn around in bed or get sweaty on your bed-sheets anymore. Needless to say, not everyone can afford air conditioning. There are a few solutions to this problem, and they’re not as hard as you think they are. Below are a few methods on how you can stay cool when sleeping:

Tip 1: Change Your Pillow

Switch your pillow for a smaller and firmer one, enough to keep your head in a comfortable position. The reason you should choose a smaller one is that the head is the hottest part of one’s body. Sleeping with a large fluffy pillow will only hug your head and warm it up more.

How to Stay Cool As a Cucumber When Sleeping 1
Change Your Pillows

Tip 2: Avoid High Beds

Instead of sleeping on your bed, maybe try sleeping on a lower level. For example, you can use something like a futon mattress, place it on the floor, and sleep on it. The lower you are, the further the heat waves are from you.

You could even try directly sleeping on the cold floor if you want; a pillow is all you need in that case.

Tip 3: Cold or Wet Cloth

You can try taking a damp towel with you to bed. It’ll keep you cold because of the wetness. It’s also handy to freeze the damp cloth beforehand.

Some people use thermal gel packs that adjust to any temperature. Freeze that and take it with you to bed if you don’t like getting wet.

Tip 4: Change Your Bed-sheets

If you’re using dark-colored sheets, you should switch them for lighter colored ones. We all know how dark items conduct heat much faster than light-colored items. The same goes for clothing too.

As you try to wear bright-colored clothing during summer weather, do the same with your bed-sheets for better sleep.

How to Stay Cool As a Cucumber When Sleeping 2
Cat on a bed sheet

Tip 5: Change Your Clothes

Like your bed-sheets, your pajamas need to be changed too. Go for something light-colored as well. For fabric, you should choose cotton. Make sure these pajamas are loose so that air can flow through. Because sleeping with tight, heavy clothing sticking to your body will be frustrating.

Tip 6: Cool Showers

You should take a shower before bed and with cold water. Don’t bother drying off either since the heats gonna get you dry anyway. So, it’s best if you go to bed with damp body to stay cool during your sleep.

Tip 7: Use Ice

A nice trick would be to take some ice cubes and fill a bowl. Keep that bowl in front of your fan, and let the fan blow cold air from the ice. Make sure the fan is facing you so you’ll directly get that cold air.

You can do the same thing with a bottle of hard iced water. Keep a few of these bottles around your room and let the air in the room turn cold.

Tip 8: Diet

Watch what you eat during the summer, especially before sleeping. Avoid meat if possible. Maintaining a fully vegetarian diet with lots of vegetables and fruits helps keep your body cool, whereas eating meat and other dairy products generate more body heat. So maybe keep the meat diet for winter.

How to Stay Cool As a Cucumber When Sleeping 3
Vegetable diet

Tip 9: Open Windows

Always make sure all your windows are open if you live in a secure place. And if your windows have bars, then you can apply this technique. Opening your balconies also helps.

Letting fresh air into your room is very important because your room will end up heating up from your own carbon dioxide. So, it’s healthier to let clean air into your room for a less stuffy sleep.

How to Stay Cool As a Cucumber When Sleeping 4
Open Window

Tip 10: Fans

Fans are pretty affordable. But one thing you need to be careful about is never to use a ceiling fan on summer nights. The heat from above will flow down with the fan air. Always use stand fans, so the air you receive is cooler since it’s placed on the floor and has lower-level air.

How to Stay Cool As a Cucumber When Sleeping 5
Stand Fan

Tip 11: Stay Unplugged

If it’s at all possible, try unplugging any unnecessary electrical appliances in your room. Whether it’s a nightlight, phone, or television, unplug them. Just turning them off isn’t enough because being plugged keeps the flow of electricity there, which heats the room. So, you need to break that flow.

Tip 12: Sleep Outside

Camping sounds like a good idea if your house is too hot to handle. If you have a yard and tall fences, try camping out there. The cold ground and grass will favor the temperature around you.

Camping doesn’t necessarily mean outside. Setting up a mattress in your balcony counts as well. Or even a hammock so you can swing and sleep.

Tip 13: Hydration

Summer nights may be humid or dry. Either way, you’ll feel sweaty and lose the necessary water from your body. Make sure to stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water before bed.

You might be concerned about having to wake up every few hours for a bathroom break. However, by doing so, you’ll realize that you’re losing more water to the dry weather and sweat instead.

Tip 14: Warm Baths

There’s a theory that taking a warm bath with the temperature higher than the heat around you works. This warmth from the water reaches the tips of your feet and hands through the rush of blood. So, when you hop out of the tub, the environment around you will feel cooler to you, given your hotter body temperature.

Final Words

Remember these few handy techniques on how to stay cool when sleeping. You never know what kind of weather you’ll be facing. Furthermore, the above methods don’t come witch many requirements. You are likely to have access to most of the things, so most tips you’ll be able to follow easily and have your good night’s sleep.


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