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How to Sleep with a Pregnancy Pillow

You might have read all the precautions and a 1000-page book regarding the safe delivery of your baby.

But what about the safety before delivery?

Let me ask you: aren’t you going through leg stiffness, discomforts, and other body aches while sleeping? I won’t believe if you say no.

In fact, during pregnancy sleeping becomes sensitive for a woman. Because come on, you’re carrying a life inside of you.

Thus, using a pregnancy pillow can ease you and your bundle of bounce. Hence, today, I am going to share how to sleep with a pregnancy pillow precisely. Come along!

Do I Really Need this?

Hypothetically you can assume that it isn’t worth your penny or the advertisers are just bluffing around.

However, the reality is alarming. When you sleep, subconsciously your body movements put pressure on your stomach, or while sleeping your leg starts cramping and other discomforts emerge.

I just remembered my friend, who looked like a stranger during pregnancy. Yeah! Because of abrupted sleep.

Don’t tell me that you think it doesn’t affect your baby? Well, every single act of yours directly impacts your baby’s nourishment.

Therefore, using a pregnancy pillow correctly can be vital for both of you.

How to Sleep with A Pregnancy Pillow

Firstly, you need to get a well-suited pillow for you. The type of pillow you choose will depend on your sleeping habit, types of body aches and joint pain, pillow shapes, sizes, purposes, and budget. The reasons why you need a sleeping pillow won’t be the same as your other pregnant friend.

Now, as you have the pillow next to your sleeping couch, let’s check out the simple procedures to sleep with a pregnancy pillow step by step.

3 Basic Steps to Sleep with A Pregnancy Pillow

First thing first, let me tell you that, if you’re already into pregnancy pillow but couldn’t figure out any differences and changes, then sorry to say you aren’t using it properly.

Hence, follow the below steps and enjoy the cookie.

Place the Pillow Underneath your Leg

It’s a matter of fact, that pregnant woman suffers from joint pains and leg cramps. Basically, it’s caused by improper blood circulation while sleeping.

Luckily, medical science has discovered that lying on your left side and by placing your leg on top of the pillow can dissolve the joint pain and also can prevent cramps. Initially, sleeping on your left side allows healthy blood circulation.

Precaution: Choose a medium-height pillow that aligns with your hips and back.

Give Support to Your Stomach

During the first few months of pregnancy, you have that risk of miscarriage. Because these months are the challenging times where you require to take every footstep carefully.

That’s because by falling on your stomach or putting pressure on your tummy can harm the baby internally. Mostly, while sleeping we toss our body in many directions restlessly, and somehow, we eventually sleep on your tummy.

Overnight, your stomach gets pressurized and so the baby. Therefore, for better supporting your stomach, put a pillow under your belly bump. Otherwise, it can give a waist pain.

The reason behind the waist pain is that the spine of your waist is attached with the uterus and it’s hard to stretch with your belly bump while sleeping or sitting because of the less flexibility.

Precaution: It shouldn’t be too heavy.

Place a Pillow to Support Upper Joints and head

Did you ever wake up with a shoulder ache, just because you’ve laid in wrong postures? Well, during pregnancy you’re likely to have that pain often. Mostly in your bra-straps area. Hence, while sleeping, don’t forget to put a pregnancy pillow under your shoulder.

Also, your head requires slightly hard yet comfortable stuff to lay down. Thus, using the pillow under your head is vital for proper support.

How to Sleep with A Full-Length Pregnancy Pillow

Well, these pillows are great for specific body aches. Such as headache, sore knees, stomach pain, etc.

However, you just need to place your head onto the pillow and one leg on top of the middle part of that pillow. As these pillows are full-length, you don’t need to buy multiple pillows. Just one single full-length pillow will do the trick for you.

Do the ‘hug and cuddle” thing. Easy-peasy!

How to Sleep with A Wedge Pregnancy Pillow

You might have heard about the maternity cushion. Didn’t you? well, wedge pillows are equivalent to those maternity cushions. It’s ideal for supporting your stomach during the 4-7 months of your pregnancy, as you grow the heavy belly bump.

To sleep with that thingy, you need to place it underneath your belly, or you can instead put it under your back as well. After setting it correctly, adjust your stomach or back firmly.

How to Sleep with a Pregnancy Pillow 1

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How to Sleep with a Pregnancy Pillow 2

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How to Sleep with Total Body Pregnancy Pillow

During the second trimester, you are likely to have hip-joint pain, spinal pain or back pain. A total body pregnancy pillow provides sufficient support to the joints and removes joint aches, no matter how tall you are.

Well, these pillows consist of 3 particular shapes to compensate with the specific needs. Such as C-shaped, J-shaped, and U-shaped pregnancy pillows.

However, to sleep with them follow these steps,

Step 1:

With C shaped pillows, you already know how it looks like. If you have that habit of laying down in riding gesture, then using C-shaped pillow is accurate. Put your head on top of the pillow and leave your body on riding position depending on the pad.

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Tip: Stick on C-shaped pillows. Because it reliefs pelvic stress and water retention.

Step 2:

For sleeping with a J shaped pillow, you just need to place it on your bed and simply lay down. But as it’s super useful for supporting your back, neck, and head, you need to set it accordingly.

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Step 3:

A U-shaped pregnancy pillow is a record-breaker and most popular pillows among lovely mothers. Also, it’s the most expensive one. Because it provides proper support for your whole body. Absolutely, head to toe!

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Now, if you have that habit of sleeping on your back and switch movements persistently then this is a wrap-up for you.

However, the using procedure is same as C-shaped pillows. It’s just taller than C-shaped cushions.

So, these are the convenient ways to sleep with a pregnancy pillow.

Take Care!

Honestly, nothing can be more overwhelming than carrying a life in your womb for 9 months.

Thus, researchers invented wonders to ease your life and provide you with a safe pregnancy without a single drop of tear. We hope you get enough sleep and get rid of all the discomforts eventually. Wish you very happy motherhood!

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