How to make a pregnancy pillow [step by step]

Pregnancy can be a tough time, especially for the mother. Apart from the hormonal changes, the mood swings, feeling like everyone is trying to pick on you; it can be a very tough time for the mother.

The increase in weight during pregnancy is something that troubles a lot of mothers, not because of the life that is nourishing in the womb, no not at all, but because of the increasing size of her stomach.

It becomes harder and harder to walk, sleep, or do everyday works. But thanks to the mothers they do that without even showing signs of irritation (except the mood swings of course). So if you are a mother looking for things to make your pregnancy easier or looking for creative things to do during pregnancy, then this article is just the right thing for you. It’s also important to know how to sleep with a pregnancy pillow.

Pregnancy pillows:

As the pregnancy progresses, it becomes harder to get a good night’s sleep. The simple task of even turning during your sleep becomes tough. Well, for that purpose, there are many pregnancy pillows available for you to buy, but the price they come in is not so friendly. So if you are looking to make your very own pregnancy pillow than follow right on.

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How to make a pregnancy pillow?

Materials you will need

  • Cotton fabric 3 1/2 yards
  • The Fiberfill ( two 32 ounce packages, and one 12 oz package)
  • Pillow (either standard size or Queen sized)
  • 2 Zippers ( length can be 22,” but it doesn’t matter if they are small because they will be reduced later on).
  • Pattern
    • You will need a PDF pattern for cutting the center cut-out, you can easily find it online according to your height.
    • For another version, you can redraw the square on the top corner, before cutting out the size according to your will.

Now draw a line that should be perpendicular to the fold, from the topmost point of the pattern.

Then draw a line that lines the outermost edges of the curve in the corner. Your lines shall be meeting at right angles to one another.

How to make pregnancy pillow, all cut out and measurements
Visual guide ( how to make pregnancy pillow)

Cutting the fabric:

Front piece: 62 inches x 30 inches (tall: 66” x 30”)

Back piece: 56 inches x 30 inches  (tall: 60” x 30”)

Two 3 inches x 5 inches strips

Cut 3-inch strips and make a total length of strips 134 inches (more if you are using shorter zippers).

Four 2 inches x 25 inches strips (or equal to the length of your zippers)

Round the edges with centerpiece cut out on the back and front pieces.

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Making the Pillow:

1. For finishing the top edges of pillow pieces, fold over 1 ½” and stitch the top. Mark the sewing line above the center cut-out 1 ½” above that, with a marker.

2. Take the two zippers, and four 2” strips and enclose your zipper with a strip on both sides of the zipper.

3. Take 5” strip, pin them to the zipper’s top end, right sides together. Sew the fabric across, and top edge of the zipper in such a way that metal stopper is in the seam allowance, but zipper should not be in zipper allowance. Same goes for the other two zippers, trimming away the extra ½”.

4. Sew the 3” strip so that two pieces of 67” long are obtained. Pin the strip to the zipper’s end, with the ride sides together, and the zipper is zipped. Sew across the zipper and fabric, so that the zipper’s metal allowance is in the steam stopper. Any excess to ½” is trimmed.

5. Zipper portion is trimmed so that it is now 3” wide, matching perfectly with the rest of the zippers.

6. Now you need to pin strips to pillow’s front, with right sides together, and the zipper’s side should be first, and starting 1/2” inside of the sewing line that you marked earlier, continuing till the inner corner, and finally ending at the sewing line. Now Sew together. When you are about to sew the inner corner of the pillow to the strip, watch the 6” taper from start end and center of the strip, matching the stopping point to center point.

7. See the 9th step and repeat with the back of the pillow this time. Sewing pillow’s back and front together, taper at corners on the inside and pivoting at corner and across the center cut-out’s top. Continue to sew the strip on the other side as well.

8. Fold the top from front to back top and then pin. Measure so there is exact 20” between the marking sewing line and the fold. Sew the sides together, while pulling out the strip ends to the side so that you may not catch them during your sewing and match the seam lines, overlapping the stitching by ½”.

9. Turn the pillow to the right side outward,  while making sure the ends are pushed to the inside and then sewing along the sewing line. You need to make sure that you are catching the ends of the strip during your stitch so that the stuffing cannot escape. Sew along the sewing line again to ensure the seal.

10. Now, stuffing of each pillow leg begins, until you have achieved your desired firmness, you can always fill a little extra to make them a little more comfortable. 11. Insert the pillow in the top of pillowcase of your very own made pregnancy pillow. Now to make the pillow cover.

Check out this video

Making Pillow Cover:


1 7/8 yard of Art Gallery Fabric Knit (a 60” wide knit)

Preparing the Pattern:

Cut the back and front pieces very carefully in the same manner.

No strips are required.


 1. Serge the ends and finish the edges on top of the neck and front pieces of the pillow. Now fold over 1/2” and top stitch with a stretch strip. Now fold the top back with top front to the opening.

2. Match the back and front pieces and then serge around the entire pillow. Starting from the top right corner to the top left corner. Not to let any filling shoving out of the pillow.

That’s it! Last thing to do it slip over your pillow and have a nice nap.

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