Know How to Clean Memory Foam Pillow Like a Pro

Mankind depends on beds. After a hard day of work, nothing can beat the feeling of falling onto your fluffy haven bringing your soul peace and serenity. As such, we all want to have the comfiest pillows money can buy. Average pillows, unfortunately, cannot fill this role. 

However, that is where the revolutionary memory foam pillow comes in, able tooffer untold levels of comfort. These pillows are capable of warding off dust mites and other health hazards by keeping your sleep experience as comfy and carefree as possible. 

On the other hand, this does not mean that the memory foam pillow is perfect. Overtime or through external causes, they can get dirty too. It is in our best interest to keep our sleeping pillows as they can be since we will keep our face pressed onto them all night. 

Consequently, the cleaning construction of memory pillow differs from regular pillows, they require a unique way of cleaning as well. So, if you happen to be someone who possesses a memory foam pillow, this article will give you thorough details on how to clean your foam pillows. 

Some General Information to Keep in Mind 

Before getting your pillow squeaky clean, there are some things you should remember and know that these are vital to properly cleaning out your pillow. They are:

Use Pillow Case 

Make sure you change your pillowcase along with your bedsheet. You can render the entire point of changing your bedsheet by not changing your pillowcase. The pillow, where you rest your head, remains dirty, and the old dirt residue from the old pillowcase gets onto the bed. 

They are Different 

Memory foam pillows are very different from their regular counterparts. Due to their unique construction, they cannot be washed with a washing machine or a dryer. You will need to manually clean the pillow. 

Be Gentle

As you will be working by hand, you must always be gentle with the pillow. This breed of pillows is very delicate. They cannot endure rough cleaning. Hence, control yourself and apply moderate pressure. Handle this gently and it will retain its fluffiness. 

They are Delicate 

As something so delicate, it needs to be cleaned with delicate agents. Rough agents will cause the pillow permanent damage that you do not want. For the best experience, it is best to keep the pillow as well maintained as possible. So lighter agents are highly recommended. 

It wears out 

Although it’s significantly longer than regular pillows, memory foam pillows will eventually wear out in a year or two no matter what you do. In times like those, it is best to swap out your old pillow for a new one. 

Vacuum the Pillow and Change Cases Regularly 

Your pillow will constantly be bombarded with dust and debris from your head. In that case, when you change your bedsheets, it is best to vacuum the pillow very thoroughly to catch whatever leftovers of dust there might be. Keeping them as spotless as possible is simply for the best.

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Know How to Clean Memory Foam Pillow Like a Pro 1

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Know How to Clean Memory Foam Pillow Like a Pro 1

Even if the sheets remain unchanged, it is necessary to vacuum the pillow regularly. Make a habit of doing so once in every month. Changing pillowcases should be something more regular. Make sure you do so at least once per week. Just be sure to vacuum and change the cases. This will ensure the best possible results for your sleeping experience. 

Clean Spills that May Have Inflicted the Pillow 

If something has been spilled on it, it is best not to put your head on it. Spills not only ruin the cover but they also detrimentally affect the pillow as well. Depending on the spill, they could carry dangerous bacteria that should not be anywhere near your face. 

All spills are not equal though. Spilling a bit of milk is astronomically different from spilling something like wine. So, depending on the severity, there are two ways you should tackle spills. 

Tea spill

Tea Spill

Light Spills 

This method is for spills from liquids that leave light stains. To clean these spills, first, you must use a towel, napkin or anything to prevent the spill from spreading any further. 

Once the spill has been contained, make a mixture with water and a light amount of dish detergent. When the concoction has been made, fill your sponge up with the solution and rub it gently onto the spill. Finally, leave it out to dry. Make sure the cover has been taken off during all processes.

Heavy Spills 

If you happen to have spilled wine onto your pillow, you have a lot of work ahead of you. They will not be removed as easily as light stains. For this, you have to take off the covers and take a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution and rub it directly on the stain. This will kill whatever stain you have on your pillow. 

Once the bubbling persists, that is your cue to stop. Right afterwards, you need to spray some cold water and rub the spill with something like a toothbrush. Simply let the pillow dry and it should be as good as new. 

Deep Clean the Pillow 

Now to get into the nitty-gritty of how to properly, thoroughly clean your pillow. You cannot stuff it in a washer or a dryer. You will have to handle this manually. Start by filling a bathtub with water mixed with a light detergent. Take the pillow and submerge it into the mixture and squeeze twice. 

Once gently squeezed, drain the soapy water and fill it up with clean water. Keep the pillow submerged and squeeze out (very lightly and gently) all the dirt, then soap it within. When all the dirt has been dealt with, take it out of the tub and squeeze out all the excess water (again, very gently). 

Finally, leave it out to dry under direct sunlight for a few hours. Once you are done, you will have a pillow that feels better than new. 


It is almost a shame how so many people disregard cleaning their pillows. Keeping your pillows clean may be almost as hygienic as wearing clean clothes. Accordingly, cleaning the memory foam pillow might seem a bit cumbersome, but it is worth all the effort. 

Now that you know how to do it, take some time out of your schedules to get your pillow cleaned. Ultimately, you will be serving yourself with a superior sleeping experience. 

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