How To Choose A Pillow? [7 Easy Steps]

Knowing how to choose a pillow is extremely important for a night of healthy sleep. Trust me; if you want a healthy lifestyle then this is what you should be thinking of for at least once! A bad night sleep can be caused due to selecting an uncomfortable pillow.

Moreover, prolonged uncomfortable sleep may cause distinctive sleeping problems. Choosing the right pillow will definitely upgrade your lifestyle. Most of the minor sleeping problems are seen due to a bad sleeping position or a bad bedding system. Moreover, choosing the right pillow has a lot to do with good sound sleep.

Most of the people find it difficult when it comes to choosing a pillow. If you are wondering how to choose a pillow, then you are in the right place. In this article, I have come up with some of the easiest steps by step processes to help you out.

So, let’s get started!

When Do You Really Need To Change Pillow?

If you turn right and left passing the whole night uncomfortably with neck pain, then it is high time to change your pillow. A wrong pillow can give you a hard time, specifically causing neck tension or cramps, even can cause shoulder pain or headache.

So if you are facing any problem regarding neck, shoulder or head, then it is obvious that changing time has arrived. On the other hand, if your pillow is shaped less, stinking badly or has lost its longevity, then it has already served its purpose.

Step By Step Process To Choose A Pillow

While choosing a pillow, if you meet these considerations and full fill your choices and comfortability than it’s obvious that you will find the right pillow.

Finding Your Favorite Or Comfortable Sleeping Position

One’s sleeping position tells a lot about himself. Starting from your lifestyle to quality sleep, your sleeping position affects it all. Your pillow needs to be selected depending on your sleeping style. Some are; side sleepers; some are back sleepers while some prefer sleeping on their stomach. On the other hand, some people prefer two or a mixture of sleeping posture.

If you are a mixed sleeper, then you should find the most preferable or favourite one, as sleeping posture is very important to choose the right pillow.

  • Stomach sleeper: As a tummy sleeper, you should go for a soft pillow. Sleeping on your front puts much pressure in your lower abdomen that is why you should go for a soft pillow having a small filling inside. It is worth mentioning that sleeping on your tummy is not preferable. However, if you do so, then you may place a pillow underneath your pelvis.
  • Back sleeper: Well this is the most common type of sleeping position. If you sleep on your back, then you should go for a pillow that will fit your head correctly. Mainly a pillow that will not let you drag down and even not push too much force. Therefore, choose a medium thickness pillow that has a high filling. Most preferable pillow for back sleepers are like, memory foam pillow, fill down pad, etc.
  • Side sleeper: If you are a side-sleeper, then you should instead go for a medium-high thick pillow.
  • Mixed style one: Here you can also go for a medium-thick cushion.

Decide The Filling Of Your Pillow:

No matter what the internet or others say, you should be your specialist. The filling of your pillow is a much important fact.

If you prefer a softer cushion than you should go for down pillows that are made up of duck or goose fibre. On the other hand, if you want to go for a less expensive one and a medium soft pillow then go for synthetic or polyester filling.

Keep another fact in mind, that is the pillow filling weight. Though it totally depends on how much you want to fill in but for a mobile pillow, a lightweight pad is better. Even you can reshape it afterwards.

Last but not least, you must keep an eye on the quality of the filling of your pillow along with comfort and ease of use.

The Pillow Fabric:

Though fancy pillows look beautiful yet they aren’t suitable for a good night’s sleep. The pillowcase or the pillow covering should always be of a natural and comfortable fabric that will allow air to pass. Such material helps to extend the life expectancy of pillows.

Shape And Size:

This fact also depends on you. Lots of pillows are available in the market having a speciality in shapes and sizes. Some mentionable ones are V-shaped, U-shaped, contour pillow, rectangular, square, head supported and so on.

For any kind of sleeping problems, you can go for speciality pillows. V-shaped or U-shaped pillows offer great support for head and neck pain. Moreover, anti-snoring pillows and contour pillow or wedge pillow are for snorers. Therefore the size and shape of your cushion is also a great matter of concern.

Keeping Pace With Money:

Budget is something which always needs to be considered well. In fact, this is one of the most important steps for choosing the right pillow. Well, it is not always those expensive products that last longer. Moreover, a cheap product also doesn’t go well always.

Therefore you should exclusively be looking into quality, not quantity. If you go for a high-end pillow but that needs to be changed every six months, or a year then you will obviously make a mistake. You should rather go for a pillow that at least lasts 2 to 3 years. In this case, memory foam is a good choice indeed.

If you have a low budget or budget that is in between 20 dollars you can easily go for a synthetic pillow from a well off-brand. On the other hand, if your budget increases from 20 dollars and ends up in 50 dollars then pillows like luxury down pillow, memory pillow, a high-end synthetic pillow is a good choice.

Lastly, if you have a budget that is 50 dollars or more you can go for any best high-end pillow.

Choose A Pillow That Suits Your Bed

Pillows should be selected according to the type of your mattress. Usually, soft pillows are chosen for a firm bed, and firm cushions accompany soft bed. But remember it always depends on you. If you have distinctive sleeping problems, then select the type that suits you the best.

Try Various Types:

Testing a broad array of products and selecting the best one is another option. If you are confused about which pillow to go for, then you may check various types according to your need and demand, eg pregnancy pillow, pillow for neck pain, etc. ultimately going for the suitable one.

What If I Have Sleep Problems?

There are many kinds of special pillows that are available for sleeping problems. These are called special pillows that are designed for backache, neck ache, etc. Moreover, if you are a regular snorer, then there is also a solution for that. There are pillows like contour pillow, wedge pillow for you.

On the other hand, there are specially designed pillows for pregnant women. Even there are separate supportive pillows for your baby bump on the 2nd or 3rd trimester.

There are some prerequisites that you should follow to improve your sleep quality besides choosing the right pillow. So it’s also important to know how to sleep more deeply.

What If I Have An Allergy?

If allergy or similar problems are a great concern then you should not go for duck or goose fibre filling. This is because if they aren’t pure, then you might suffer from allergies. Moreover, you must avoid synthetic pillows.

If you are already known for chronic allergies, then you should go for cotton or woollen pillows. Pillows made up of cotton or wool will not cause any kind of allergy because they are hypo-allergic. On the contrary, you should select a naturally breathable pillowcase or pillow cover. This will help you to keep it natural and easy-going.

Final Thoughts

I hope by now you have a clear idea on how to choose a pillow. It is sure that choosing a pillow is not that easy but is as important as your health essentials are. There are some certain considerations that are to be met in case of pillow selection. So, never ignore carefully choosing a pillow because selecting the right pillow will help you sleep better and a night of better sleep will lead a healthy lifestyle.

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